What makes a great inbound call center provider? Is it the ability to answer a customer’s call quickly, efficiently and with low queue wait times? Those are some of the key elements in delivering top-notch service to your customers and we excel at all of those. How do you know if your customer was handled properly? We learn about your business, your products, your service and your customers from top to bottom to ensure they receive a pleasant experience and have an 83% first call resolution rate.

When you partner with RevLive, you’re partnering with a company that has the experience you’ll come to know and trust. Our years of experience in the industry have taught us the importance of constant training and testing. We’re always striving to be the leader and your trusted partner in fulfilling your customer’s needs. Our agents are among the most talented in the industry, and we train them not only on emerging trends in customer service, but on your company, your products and services, your culture.


Flat Rate Billing Model

No one likes the stress associated with trying to predict business expenses. That’s why RevLive has taken the guess work out if it with our Flat Rate Billing model, your expenses are predictable and simple.  We charge a flat rate to take care of your customer’s needs no matter how long it takes to get a resolution. With other call centers invoicing by per minute billing, you never know if you’re over paying for a call or if your customer was rushed off the phone to save on expenses.


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    Louisville, CO 80027
  • 866-899-4906

Neil Aragon

VP of Business Development
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