BBB Response Handling:

When a customer calls the BBB with a complaint on a business, it is the policy of the BBB to refer the caller back to the company for assistance. Approximately 85 percent of complaints are resolved at this level and the BBB never gets involved. However for the 15 percent that do involve the BBB it can become a stressful process.

RevLive has a great working relationship with the BBB and can quickly take action against your pending complaint for you. We work on your behalf to get the issue resolved quickly. We’ll respond directly to the complaint and take control of the situation.

Attorney General Complaint:

Having a complaint filed to the Attorney General is no laughing matter. Our customer support specialists at RevLive have the expertise to handle these issues on your behalf to ensure that everything is handled properly to reach the desired outcome.

We’ll continually follow up and remain engaged until the issue is resolved and closed. This takes the stress and burden of our client’s shoulders and allows them to remain focused on what’s important to them– the success of their business.


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