At RevLive, we are highly dedicated to our employees, who not only represent the face of our business, but also act as the frontline of your business too. We know first impressions matter and we do everything possible to ensure our agents put the best image forward.

The focus is on quality and ongoing improvement. Our dedicated Quality Assurance Team works closely with our support staff of Supervisors and Managers in the call center to ensure high service levels and effective first call resolutions throughout the center.

With Supervisors and members from the Quality Assurance Team conducting frequent monitoring sessions, each Agent and Product is monitored daily. During each QA session, agents are evaluated and scored on various quality criteria for their calls, including information accuracy, customer experience, business impact, resolution and professionalism. Agents are consulted on their performance in real-time and after the call. They are given constructive criticism, including areas they are excelling and those that require improvement. Agents also provide any feedback they have heard repetitively from customers which could indicate an issue with the campaign, this information is then shared with the client so you have a constant pulse on your campaign.


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Neil Aragon

VP of Business Development
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