Where are your call centers located?

Our call centers are located in Louisville, Colorado and multiple locations in Philippines. We also have at-home agents located around the globe.


How many years have you been in business?

RevLive has been in the business for over 8 years servicing customers throughout North and South America along with Europe.


What are RevLive’s hours of operations??

RevLive is open 24×7 except for New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.


How do you price your services?

RevLive utilizes flat rate billing. This allows our clients to accurately predict their call center expenses. It also takes away any confusion or surprises in their billing. If a customer requires extra care and time on the phone to resolve their issue, it costs you nothing extra!


What is your business mix of inbound call center services versus outbound call center services?

80% Inbound/10% Outbound/10% Email reply services.


Do you provide after-hours call center services, overflow, and disaster recovery support for in-house call centers?

Yes. We  are highly customizable and will support all of your call center needs.


Do you handle free-trial, continuity offers?

Free trial and continuity offers are RevLive’s area of expertise. Our agents are trained in save sale tactics and excel on these programs with the coaching and support of our management staff. 


Do you provide call recording services?

Yes. All calls are recoded and saved for 30 days. We can provide copies of the recorded calls upon request. 


Do you provide e-mail management services?

Yes. We have a response time of less than 24 hours. We can also provide an outbound call to ensure that the customer received the email reply.


What is your ratio of customer service agents to supervisors?

8 to 1


Do you provide reporting?

Yes. We have a client portal that allows our clients to pull multiple reports based on a variety of KPI’s. This can be done in real-time, 24 hours a day.


Contact Us

  • 2011 Cherry Street, Ste. 202
    Louisville, CO 80027
  • 866-899-4906

Neil Aragon

VP of Business Development
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