RevLive was created in 2004 through the growing needs of our own continuity offers. For us, it was challenging to find the perfect call center that understood the continuity industry and could help us achieve our customer service goals. We were looking for the uniqueness of a call center which could quickly grow with us and nurture our programs. Every continuity offer is different, and we had a difficult time finding a call center that was able to provide the custom service that we needed. After exhausting all of the possible options available we decided to create a call center for ourselves and RevLive was born. After seeing the remarkable results with our own campaigns, we decided to offer our premium services to the market, and many clients have made the switch to RevLive.

Today RevLive is a leader in the live Customer Service industry. We are committed that your business thrives by cutting your customer service costs and customizing your campaign based on your company’s goals. We have the ability to scale quickly for your rapid growth in any language while providing superior service and outcomes. Our reporting system is unmatched by the competition and ensures you have a constant pulse on your business. It’s no surprise that Revlive is one of the fastest growing call centers in the world. We are passionate about your success and are excited to show you a new, results oriented approach to your business.

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Neil Aragon

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